The One-Minute Lean Bit: What is Lean?

Joanna: Sensei, can you provide a high level understanding of what the Lean system is all about ?

Sensei: Yes Joanna!

The lean concept was popularized by Toyota in Japan. It aims in aligning the organization towards what matters to the customer, also called as value and focuses on eliminating all non-value-added activities or wastes.

The result is a Purpose Driven enterprise that is highly flexible to customer needs with reduced lead times and improved quality while being competitive and with excellent return to shareholders.

Although Toyota provided the structured framework for lean its applications can be traced back to the 16th century when the Venetian army made boats using a flow production process. In 1900’s, Henry Ford introduced the moving car assembly line.They were early lean applications

Joanna: Thank You sensei for this very interesting information on Lean!

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