The One-Minute Lean Bit: The 5 Lean Principles

Lily: Sensei, are there any high-level principles that one has to consider in the lane approach?

Sensei: Yes, Lily. There are five broad principles that the lean philosophy advocates.

1. Value: it starts with what the customer needs are as business is all about meeting those identifying what the customer values is the first principle

2. Value Stream: It is the mapping of all activities that the company engages in and identifying the value-added steps and wasteful ones and its sourcesĀ 

3. Flow:To achieve a continuous flow operation that balances all activities to the customer demand rate and exposes issues sooner

4. Pull: A control system to avoid overproduction by linking all processes to customer demand

5. Perfection: It is the continuous and step-by-step improvement or the Kaizen principle in which the lean journey is never-ending

Lily: Thank You Sensei, for explaining these Lean principles! It was helpful.

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