This is the execution phase. Initiatives identified in the ALIGN phase will be projects to be undertaken in this phase.

Activity 1: Establish Kaizen event/Project charters; Typical Duration: 1-3 days; onsite/remote.

We coach the teams to create project charters that define the problems, scope, deliverables, team, and timelines to ensure the needed clarity of purpose. In our experience, this is a very important step in execution, as a well-defined problem is one that is half-solved. We would also plan for the kaizen event schedule in this activity.

Activity 2a: Kaizen event; Typical Duration: 3-5 days, depending on the leadership commitment; Onsite

This is a rapid improvement Kaizen week where the teams work on the Gemba(actual workplace) to achieve breakthrough improvements through the act of trystorming. This is an iterative hands-on Gemba concept that involves 20% thinking, 40% doing and 40% re-doing till the desired results are achieved.  Prior to this week, the teams would perform their pre-work collecting data and fine-tuning their strategies for trystorming during the actual Kaizen week.

Activity 2b: Kaizen projects; Typical Duration: Would vary in weeks or months, depending on the complexity of the problem; onsite/remote

These would be projects that need focused attention from the team, medium-to-long term. Typically, these would revolve around some strategic gameplans around customer involvement, changes in technology, process, vendors etc. We can help coach project teams on such initiatives by offering some unique insights from best practices across industries and also keeping a check on the timelines involved to complete the actions.


Estimated time duration for this phase:

3-5 days for Kaizen week and as needed timeframe for the Kaizen projects.


In case the client seeks our engagement only for this phase(not the AWAKEN/ALIGN phases), we would need to discuss their specific needs upon contract award. We will charter the course schedule based on those needs.