ASSESS: Listen to the Voice of the Customer

This is a phase where we can help you find your direction towards your True North Goals and establish a roadmap for success!

Many companies embark on the Lean journey by focusing on fundamentals like 5S, Visual management and a few kaizen events and with good success. While this could be a good approach to get the engagement and visibility across the organization, sustaining the momentum will be a challenge, unless the leadership in the company makes a firm commitment to use Lean as a strategic weapon for long-term and sustained transformation.

Many times, personally, in our experience, we have seen companies often ‘search’ for the next project to undertake as they need to fulfill a corporate directive of conducting a minimum number of kaizen events. Such companies practice what we called as ‘fake’ Lean; doing lean for the sake of it. 

The only way a forward-looking organization can avoid such a trap is by achieving the clarity of purpose driven by leadership and adopted by all across the organization. In this phase, we would like to help you achieve precisely that. 

With a successful AWAKEN phase, where the employees not only understand the Lean fundamentals/relevant digital technologies but also have a taste of what success would look like with the pilot study of a selected Value stream, an organization would be typically motivated and ready for an enterprise-wide adoption of Lean approach and transformation.

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