The first of the 5A framework, this phase focuses on 4 important things

– Understanding the client needs

– Baselining the current state: Lean Digital Maturity of the organization

– Business Case/RoI analysis

– Engagement/Kick-off

Activity 1: Understanding the client needs

This is a step to understand the client needs; the ‘Why’ of the engagement. In-depth discussions are held that pertains to  the business/industry profile, challenges and the expected benefits. 

Activity 2: Baselining the current state: Lean Digital Maturity of the organization

We will help assess the organization maturity on both the Lean/Digital fronts using our proprietary Lean Digital Transformation scorecard(LDTS) that combines elements of Organization, Lean and Digital to establish a baseline score. The objective is to identify the gaps/opportunities that exist to enhance the business value through the application of lean principles as well as digitalization. 

Activity 3: Business Case/RoI analysis

The gaps and opportunities from the baseline activity is presented to the leadership along with the potential business benefits that can be derived out of the transformation journey through engaging with True North Solutions. It will be the client’s decision to either go-forward with an end-to-end engagement model or a partial one or even a no-go.

Activity 4: Engagement/Kick-off

Upon business award, the client initiates communication of this engagement to its employees.

Estimated time duration for this phase: 

Varies depending on the complexity of the organization and resource commitment from the company’s leadership.


Completed questionnaire that will be sent upon the award of the business. Preferably to be submitted atleast 2 weeks before the start of this phase. This will help us to understand (a) details of the business, (b) unique challenges and (c) the current exposure/maturity of Lean understanding/Digital penetration within the organization. Note: We can sign a NDA before you send us the completed questionnaire.