AUGMENT: Develop People & Seek Perfection

This phase is the most important and challenging phase of the work (for any company in any sector). In our experience, there is plenty of buzz and momentum at the launch of
any new and ambitious change initiative.

This early excitement continues on for some time with success stories to share and often, meaningful results. While all of this bodes well initially, sustaining performance improvement will soon become a challenge… that is unless leadership makes a conscious effort to consistently challenge team members to build and maintain continuous improvement systems, continuously create value for customers, and strive for new heights. 

There is a reason why Toyota is still striving for perfection even after so many decades of developing, using, and teaching the Toyota Production System. Seeking perfection is
a journey, not a destination. And with the sheer number of challenges that companies face today (i.e. market share erosion, emerging technologies replacing work, offshoring,
just to name a few), it is critical to stay focused on meeting organizational challenges head-on and do the hard work of maintaining ongoing continuous improvement work.

These individuals go on to spearhead, support, and sustain lean change work long into the future.

This office serves as a central function to help facilitate the company’s Kaizen events and share best practices for continuously unlocking value for customers and encouraging a learn-by-doing culture.

This may mean introducing new digital tools to enable more participatory and inclusive leadership (i.e. collaborative workspaces, tools to surface collective intelligence, etc.) or just taking a deeper dive into particular Lean concepts and methodologies.

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