Eshwar Sundaresan

Transformation Catalyst

Eshwar Sundaresan begins every day by renewing his resolve to lead the most meaningful life possible. Each day unfolds differently, according to his schedule and the roles he plays on that day.

As a trainer, he brings energy, focus and a spirit of enquiry to classrooms. He offers meritorious ideas, but feels no compulsion to defend them or thrust them down the throat of participants. Powerful ideas germinate in the minds of individuals and mutate according to the needs of the host. His job is to deliver these powerful ideas with panache and passion.

As a counsellor and mentor, he spends hours with every individual client, helping them discover what makes them tick. Whether he’s talking to a person feeling suicidal or an ambitious middle-manager, he provides a safe space where honest introspection can happen. That’s where breakthroughs happen.

Eshwar quit a lucrative career in IT in 2003 to become a fulltime freelancer. In the next decade, he won many awards for his writing and authored many books like Behind the silicon maskBangalored: the Expat StoryGod save the toddyAge-old tales and Wiser After. Additionally, he ghostwrites books on behalf of successful people.

Last, but not the least, Eshwar has developed and implemented comprehensive training programs that help eradicate child sexual abuse.

Eshwar likes nothing better than to customize training programs according to the needs of the client. He believes in rendering a unique flavour to every workshop he conducts.