We begin each engagement with a phone call or video conference (or an expenses paid visit your office/facility). Next, we summarize your needs in a RFP document. Once we agree on a contract, we start getting to work based on your organization’s unique priorities and needs. We design project plans based on our client’s unique business needs. In the RFP, we outline each phase of the project, the project’s total duration, as well as our various offerings.

Costs vary quite a bit according to context and unique needs of each transformation project. We scope the work by balancing the time required for us to meet your needs and the complexity of your organization. Typically, we provide a combination of base cost and an incentive cost. The base cost covers our lead consultant’s hourly rate plus any boarding, lodging, and travel costs. Incentive costs cover an agreed upon percent of those financial savings we help you realize through the change project. (Incentive costs are not applicable for the Awaken offering).

You will be surprised. We will never presume that we know your business or your customers like you do, but we are highly skilled at making Lean work for your team in such a way that you see improved morale and even better business results. We blend lean methodologies with other best practices to develop people, build the problem -solving muscle of your team, and systematically improve business performance by creating more value for customers. 

We work with your company’s internal change agents, but love being a “fresh set of eyes” for you and your team. We’re laser-focused in our approach, and we work at an accelerated pace. Learn more about our team members.

Yes. In order to properly develop your team members and help you create systems to achieve sustainable business results, working with True North Solutions is a resource commitment. To get started on the engagement, we will need a lean sponsor (either the CEO or his/her designate). We will also need a Site Lean Leader/designate who will actively and enthusiastically participate in the change project (we will work with this person to become the future lean coach/sensei within the organization). And lastly, we will need a cross-functional team including a finance leader (controller) who will participate in the early value stream mapping and project scoping exercise.

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