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Strategy Deployment


In today’s dynamic business landscape, having a well-defined strategy and ensuring its successful execution is paramount to an organization’s sustained growth.

Hoshin Kanri, a proven methodology originating from Japan, provides a structured approach to strategy deployment that aligns your entire organization with your strategic goals.

Strategy Deployment

Strategy Deployment is not just about setting goals; it's the art of turning vision into reality, aligning every member of your organization with a shared purpose, and driving relentless progress towards a better future.It is the compass guiding organizations towards their True North. It aligns vision with action, turning aspirations into achievements."

Strategy Deployment as a service encompasses the end-to-end process of aligning your organization’s strategic objectives with day-to-day activities. 

It involves setting clear long-term objectives, breaking them down into actionable annual plans, and ensuring that every team member understands their role in achieving these goals. 

At True North Solutions, our strategy deployment service is designed to guide organizations through this process, ensuring strategic alignment, focus, and measurable results.

AspectTraditional PlanningStrategy Deployment using Hoshin Kanri
Planning ApproachOften siloed and disjointedHolistic, involving the entire organization
AlignmentLimited alignment with strategyComprehensive alignment from top to bottom
FocusOften reactive, lacks focusProactive, concentrates on key initiatives
Employee InvolvementLimited engagementEncourages employee involvement and ownership
MeasurabilityLimited measurement of progressContinuous monitoring and adjustment
Continuous ImprovementMinimal emphasisBuilt-in culture of continuous improvement
  • We initiate the Hoshin Kanri process by collaborating closely with your leadership team to gain a deep understanding of your long-term vision and strategic objectives.
  • Hoshin X Matrix: In this stage, we create a Hoshin X Matrix, a powerful tool that visually maps your long-term objectives against annual goals, providing a clear overview of the strategic direction.
  • Using the insights gained, we work together to establish clear, measurable goals that align with your vision. These objectives are prioritized to focus on what matters most.
  • Mother A3s: We develop Mother A3s to delve deeper into each long-term goal, defining the specific challenges and opportunities that need to be addressed.
  • Each long-term goal is systematically broken down into specific annual goals that are achievable within a year’s timeframe. This step ensures that your strategic vision is translated into actionable, short-term targets.
  • Baby A3s: For each annual goal, we create Baby A3s, which provide a detailed action plan outlining tasks, timelines, responsibilities, and metrics for success.

We facilitate the development of action plans for each annual goal. These plans outline the specific tasks, responsibilities, timelines, and resources required to achieve these objectives.

Strategy Deployment is about ensuring that every member of your organization understands their role in achieving the strategic goals. We collaborate to align your entire workforce with the objectives.

Effective communication is key. We assist in communicating the strategic goals and action plans throughout your organization, fostering engagement and commitment from all levels.

With a clear roadmap in place, your team begins implementing the action plans. We provide support and guidance to ensure the initiatives stay on track.

We establish a robust monitoring system to continuously track progress towards your strategic goals. We facilitate periodic A3 reviews with senior leadership team and assessments to measure achievements and adjust course as and where needed to keep track to the desired outcomes.

Our approach promotes a culture of continuous improvement. We empower your team to identify opportunities for enhancement and drive positive change within the organization.

Recognizing and celebrating milestones and successes is crucial for maintaining motivation and reinforcing the value of the Hoshin Kanri methodology.

Strategy Deployment is a systematic approach to aligning your organization’s actions with its strategic goals. It’s crucial for ensuring that everyone in your organization understands and contributes to achieving these goals.

Unlike traditional planning, Strategy Deployment involves a comprehensive alignment process from top to bottom, a focus on employee engagement, and continuous improvement built into the process.

Absolutely. Our Strategy Deployment services are tailored to your organization’s specific objectives, ensuring a customized approach that fits your unique challenges and aspirations.

The Hoshin X Matrix is a visual tool that maps your long-term objectives to annual goals, providing a clear overview of your strategic direction. It’s a key element in the Strategy Deployment process.

Mother A3s are in-depth analyses that dive deeper into long-term goals, identifying challenges and opportunities. Baby A3s are action plans created for each annual goal to outline specific tasks, timelines, and responsibilities.

The timeline for results can vary depending on the complexity of your goals and the level of commitment within your organization. However, many organizations begin to see measurable improvements within the first year.

Strategy Deployment is a versatile approach applicable across diverse sectors. In manufacturing, it helps align production processes with global market demands, optimize supply chains, and maintain quality standards in highly competitive industries like automotive and electronics. Healthcare providers, including hospitals and clinics, leverage it to enhance patient care, improve operational efficiency, and meet stringent regulatory requirements while managing costs. In the dynamic realm of large retail chains, Strategy Deployment can ensure consistent customer experiences, effective inventory management, and adaptability to changing consumer preferences. Financial institutions can rely on it to navigate complex regulatory landscapes, streamline operations, and enhance customer satisfaction with tailored financial services. Tech startups can use Strategy Deployment to set clear objectives, allocate resources efficiently, and scale their businesses in competitive landscapes. Even government agencies, nonprofit organizations focused on humanitarian or environmental causes, and educational institutions seeking to enhance educational quality and align with long-term goals benefit from the clarity/focus/alignment offered by Strategy Deployment.


In the world of business, success stories transcend industries. While we have showcased the transformative power of Strategy Deployment within manufacturing, our expertise knows no bounds. Whether you’re a healthcare provider, a retail giant, a financial institution, a tech startup, a government agency, a nonprofit, or an educational institution, rest assured, we have the know-how and experience to replicate the same success in your domain. Our commitment to your strategic excellence remains unwavering, regardless of the industry. Let’s embark on this transformative journey together, unlocking your full potential for success

We use effective communication strategies and engage employees at all levels, fostering a shared understanding of the strategic goals and their role in achieving them.

Strategy Deployment is designed to be flexible. If circumstances change, we can adapt the strategy and action plans accordingly to keep your organization on the right track.

The costs can vary depending on the scope of your project. To get started, simply contact us for a consultation, where we can discuss your needs and provide you with a tailored proposal and cost estimate.

ROI for our Strategy Deployment service is typically assessed by comparing the tangible benefits achieved through the initiative against the cost incurred by the client in engaging True North Solutions. These benefits may include improvements in key performance indicators, increased revenue, cost savings, and enhanced operational efficiency. We work closely with clients to establish baseline metrics and set clear ROI objectives, ensuring that the outcomes are measurable and aligned with the client’s strategic goals. Our aim is to help you achieve a positive and sustainable ROI that justifies your investment in our services.

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