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Giving Back to Society

Giving Back to Society

TrueNorth Solutions (TNS) takes immense pride in the privilege of serving the remarkable Arya Kanya Sadan, a girls’ orphanage nestled in the heart of Faridabad, Haryana.

For over four decades, this benevolent institution has been devoted to nurturing orphaned girls, a mission that commenced in 1981 and continues to this day.

At this very moment, it proudly stands as a cherished sanctuary and a tightly-knit family for an impressive cohort of 78 remarkable girls, a testament to unwavering dedication and a haven of love and support.

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These resilient children not only receive the fundamental necessities of life – food, clothing, shelter, education, and crucial medical care – but their holistic well-being, spanning physical, mental, and spiritual dimensions, is lovingly nurtured within the warm and comforting embrace of Arya Kanya Sadan.

Our profound connection with Arya Kanya Sadan ignited in late 2021, when we embarked on a transformative journey that would forever change our perspective.

The moment we set foot within the hallowed halls of Arya Kanya Sadan, we were deeply moved by the poignant stories and the resilience of the girls.

Their spirit and determination resonated within us, prompting an unwavering commitment to become an integral part of their ever-expanding family.

We swiftly devised a robust engagement plan, driven by an unshakeable resolve to champion their cause and provide the invaluable support they need to empower their educational aspirations.


In a remarkable display of unwavering dedication, we joined forces with the devoted caretaker of Arya Kanya Sadan to grasp the profound importance of empowering young women in their pursuit of higher education.

Together, we responded to this urgent need by  providing the institution with a substantial number of laptops, equipping these determined young ladies with the essential tools for their educational journey.

Notably, this momentous occasion was graced by the virtual presence of Mr. Uma KA, the Founder/CEO of True North Solutions, who joined us remotely all the way from Singapore.

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As winter’s chill approached, True North Solutions stood strong in our unwavering commitment to provide the utmost comfort and well-being to these precious children.

We reached out with open hearts, generously equipping each child with the finest Sleepwell mattresses, the epitome of quality and luxury.

The radiant smiles on the children’s faces, now nestled in warmth and comfort, spoke not only of happiness but also of a deep sense of confidence in their knowledge that they are valued and supported.

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In direct response to a brilliant suggestion from the smart team at Arya Kanya Sadan, we wasted no time and got to work with great excitement.

Working together, we made sure that each child had their own specially fitted uniform.

This not only made the kids feel unique but also made them feel like they’re part of one strong family.

Now, when they wear their special uniforms, these exceptional young souls shine with pride and unity, whether they’re enjoying fun events or going on exciting trips

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Path Forward

Team TNS is committed to providing the children with top-notch education in the best practices used in various industries.

This knowledge will empower them for an even brighter future!


A big thank you goes out to our valued team members, Anil Kumar Dwivedi and Ram Mohan.

They have been crucial in supporting our partnership with Arya Kanya Sadan.

They have taken charge of planning, getting what is needed, and handling the logistics for all our contributions to date.

Plus, they play a central role in many of the celebrations and events at Arya Kanya Sadan.

Their hard work and dedication truly makes a difference!

A big shout-out to the management of Arya Kanya Sadan, in allowing us to be a part of their family and doing our tiny bit in giving back to the society!

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