We help you Identify your “True North” purpose, keep this front and center for your team members every day, and unlock exceptional value for your customers and your shareholders!

Future-focused organizations fulfill the needs of their customers in a timely and cost-effective manner. They know their 'True North' business purpose and align all organizational activities in pursuit of unlocking value for customers and improving performance for its shareholders.

We can help transform your organization to such by guiding you to redefine your company's True North purpose and systematically developing your people to become effective problem-solvers who can deliver on this True North purpose.

As trained lean thinkers, we work with you to to significantly improve your business performance. We achieve this by maximizing human potential through 'Learning by Doing' scientific PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Adjust) methodology that helps chart wise paths forward based on what your customers truly want.

We help you achieve your most important goals, sustain improvements, and stay competitive through leading-edge best practices and customized, one-on-one coaching.


We listen deeply to customer and organization’s needs to identify problems accurately.

We coach leaders to connect to their True North purpose and focus their attention on what really matters.

We develop a roadmap for improvement and transformation with you, seeking alignment and consensus at every step along the way.


We treat people with the respect, raise awareness of the business needs and inspire a desire for change.

We develop empathy in teams, break down silos, and show new ways of working together to solve problems.

We teach lean methods and run kaizen events to encourage “learning by doing” approach to problem-solving to achieve the desired results.


We develop internal coaches who can sustain the change work long into the future.

We help you design a CoE (Center of Excellence) to maintain engagement in Continuous Improvement initiatives.

We augment your team’s experience by exposing them to best practices outside of your organization through benchmarking events.​

Customer Obsession

We listen to you and your real needs before designing any change program for you. We love to solve client problems!

Lean for Digital

We bring a unique lean approach to digital, using lean tools and methods that help your organization create real value for customers.

Industry/Size agnostic

With 20+ years of global leadership experience, we lead transformation projects across all sectors and in any environment, from small firms and startups to large-scale operations.

Cost Effective

We don't charge like the big guys. We offer a competitive and flexible cost model based on tangible benefits that you can see and feel.


We have a deep bench of lean subject matter experts (SMEs) who we bring in as needed when projects arise.

True Partnership

We are here for you as a resource. Consider True North Solutions your extended arm for driving meaningful change within your organization and building a better work culture.

""It was an absolute delight working with True North Solutions. They exceeded my expectations in delivering an analytics solution in a short time frame with impeccable quality... They also went over and beyond to define a longer-term structured roadmap of how we could better leverage a cloud-based solution with artificial intelligence tools. What impressed me was the through and comprehensive way in which teams in Singapore, Malaysia, and India worked on this project. It was seamless and professional...""
Parthi Paramsothy (Co-Founder)
Gossamer Engineering, USA
"Uma worked with me in three different companies over a period of nearly 20 years. I saw him grow from being a Six-Sigma Black Belt to becoming a Senior Operations Leader. He is a strong driver of the Toyota Production System and has worked with a variety of businesses, from medical electronics manufacturing to Amazon fulfillment logistics and more. Uma also pioneered a lean medical plant from scratch, which eventually was recognized as a leading best practice in the EMS industry. Uma combines strong lean thinking with people leadership and understands how to adapt his approach to work with many different types of organizations across the globe.”
Former Senior Vice President (Worldwide Operations)
GE, Flex, Amazon
"Uma is committed and passionate about continuous improvement, be it in operations, supply chain logistics, or in the back office. In the time that we have worked together, I have found Uma to be a positive force for change on all types of challenges. And he delivers!"
Former Senior Vice President (Business Excellence)
"I had the privelege of working with Uma as he was driving Lean Manufacturing initiatives at Amazon and its supply base. Usually such initiatives are not easy to lead, especially at supplier site, but with Uma's knowledge of Lean (Quality and Six sigma), leadership style and ability to communicate at all levels within their organization, the project moved very fast. It took just two meetings led by Uma, for management team to change their attitude from "we can't share too much information" to "how do you believe we should set up our manufacturing lines". dfdfdf
Senior Co-Worker (Global Sourcing Leader)
"Uma brings a broad skillset to a company, ranging from planning, project mgmt, manufacturing, etc. I have a fond memory of Uma leading a session with my team and I on lean manufacturing practices. By the end of the meeting the ideas for improvements were bouncing around the room, with all actively engaged and eager to continue learning from Uma, and to go forward with implementing change. Uma motivates and enthuses proactiveness in others."​
Senior Co-Worker (Global Logistics & Distribution)
Snap Inc.
"Uma is a fantastic professional. Great spirits, values, and work ethics. Smart, Capable and down to earth at the same time. He always delivered and ready for any 'new' challenges."
Former Managing Director/Country Leader
GE Healthcare, India
"Hard working, sincere, eye for details and a thirst to learn more are Uma's key strengths which make him a valuable asset to any organisation."
Senior Leader/Six Sigma Master Black Belt (MBB)
GE Healthcare, India

What is the high level process and how long will this take?

We begin each engagement with a phone call or video conference (or an expenses paid visit your office/facility). Next, we summarize your needs in a RFP document. Once we agree on a contract, we start getting to work based on your organization’s unique priorities and needs. We design project plans based on our client’s unique business needs. In the RFP, we outline each phase of the project, the project’s total duration, as well as our various offerings.

How much would it cost?

Costs vary quite a bit according to context and unique needs of each transformation project. We scope the work by balancing the time required for us to meet your needs and the complexity of your organization. Typically, we provide a combination of base cost and an incentive cost. The base cost covers our lead consultant’s hourly rate plus any boarding, lodging, and travel costs. Incentive costs cover an agreed upon percent of those financial savings we help you realize through the change project. (Incentive costs are not applicable for the Awaken offering).

We already have an ongoing Lean program. How can your program benefit us?

You will be surprised. We will never presume that we know your business or your customers like you do, but we are highly skilled at making Lean work for your team in such a way that you see improved morale and even better business results. We blend lean methodologies with other best practices to develop people, build the problem -solving muscle of your team, and systematically improve business performance by creating more value for customers. 

We work with your company’s internal change agents, but love being a “fresh set of eyes” for you and your team. We’re laser-focused in our approach, and we work at an accelerated pace. Learn more about our team members.

Do we need any resources to work with you? If yes, what kind and how many?

Yes. In order to properly develop your team members and help you create systems to achieve sustainable business results, working with True North Solutions is a resource commitment. To get started on the engagement, we will need a lean sponsor (either the CEO or his/her designate). We will also need a Site Lean Leader/designate who will actively and enthusiastically participate in the change project (we will work with this person to become the future lean coach/sensei within the organization). And lastly, we will need a cross-functional team including a finance leader (controller) who will participate in the early value stream mapping and project scoping exercise.