Santosh Awasarkar


Santosh is the co-founder of a startup that specializes in building an AI platform for transformational analytics, in which he holds a provisional patent. He understands that predicting the future to guarantee business survival may be the technology grail but with an intense passion for predictive analytics, he heads towards that direction by designing, deploying and monitoring predictive analytical models for businesses to react to changes and sail towards their goals.

He has more than 15 years of global experience in facilitating more than 500 transformational projects using both the classic Lean Six Sigma methods as well as other techniques like BASES, MLLM, DE2S, and others. With Digital Transformation activities mushrooming across businesses, he is excited to see small & mid-sized companies transform their competencies and ultimately their bottom-line by utilizing the various transformational techniques.

He holds a Six Sigma Black Belt/Master Black Belt and is a certified Lean and PMP practitioner.
Santosh is an avid traveller, always observing the marriage of technology with one’s daily life and looking for inspirations. During one of his previous travels, he observed a deaf man communicating with his friend on smart phone using video call. What amazed him was that technology has now enhanced the action of communicating on the phone taken for granted by most folks (with the invention of telephone by Alexander Graham Bell) so now everyone can communicate remotely. That’s the power of technology… it unknowingly brings millions of eventualities at our disposal. In hands of technology, Santosh finds the future really exciting…!!