Uma KA

Founder / Sensei

Uma, the founder of True North Solutions had started the company with a mission to share his Lean experience with aspiring companies, for them to make quantum leaps towards their long-term strategic or what he calls as the True North goals.

With more than 20+ years experience that spanned the globe, in countries like India, Malaysia, Singapore, and the USA, he has worked for reputed Fortune 500 companies like GE, Flex, Amazon, Google, and Snap. He is also a certified Six Sigma and Lean Black Belt from GE.

Uma has been developing his Lean skillsets ‘on-the-job’; having served in multi-site Operational leadership positions where he owned the associated business challenges with end-to-end responsibilities for the customer, financials, and people in addition to being the Change agent to continuously challenge the status quo.

Whether it was turning the business around with significant improvements in financial metrics or working with customers to transfer multi-million dollar product manufacturing operations with immense leaps in productivity or coaching teams on problem-solving, he has been using the Lean approach as a strategic weapon to bring about these proven results.

It is this kind of unique hands-on and business-oriented Lean experience that he would like to share as a coach to aspiring companies, who want to take bold steps to achieve competitiveness through Lean transformation.