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At True North Solutions, we recognize that successful organizations require robust support systems to thrive in today’s competitive landscape. 

Our comprehensive Support Solutions coupled with our Partners’ offerings encompass a diverse range of services designed to address critical and future needs across various industries.


 Quality Management System (QMS) Support is a vital component of organizational excellence. We start by conducting an in-depth evaluation of your existing QMS system. Our experts meticulously analyze your processes, documentation, and procedures against industry standards and regulatory requirements. This thorough assessment helps us identify gaps and discrepancies that need attention.

Once these gaps are identified, we work closely with your team to formulate a clear roadmap for closing them. Our collaborative approach ensures that your QMS becomes robust, aligned with industry best practices, and fully prepared for rigorous industry inspections and audits.

Navigating the complex landscape of regulatory audits and inspections can be a daunting task. Our Certification Support services are tailored to prepare your organization for these critical assessments. We take a proactive approach to ensure that your processes align seamlessly with industry standards and regulatory requirements.

Our experienced team guides you through the entire certification process, providing insights, documentation support, and compliance strategies. This comprehensive approach significantly improves your chances of achieving successful certifications while mitigating the risks associated with non-compliance.

In today’s globalized world, managing complex projects, especially in hardware product development, demands precision and expertise. Our Project/Program Management support is designed to ensure the seamless execution of even the most intricate global projects.

Our experienced project managers leverage industry best practices to create detailed project plans, allocate resources efficiently, and meticulously monitor progress. We focus on maintaining timelines, budgets, and deliverables to guarantee successful project outcomes. Our approach enhances your project’s efficiency, reduces risks, and ensures that your goals are met on time and within budget.

In industries such as medical and electronics, precision is paramount. Our Engineering Solutions involve the development of custom jigs and fixtures that enhance the quality and efficiency of your manufacturing processes. These specialized tools are designed to meet the unique needs of your industry, ensuring consistent product quality.

Our engineering team collaborates closely with your organization to understand your specific requirements. We then design, prototype, and manufacture jigs and fixtures that streamline your production processes, reduce errors, and improve overall efficiency. These solutions are instrumental in maintaining quality standards and increasing competitiveness in your industry.

Whether it is a robust electronic Quality Management System(eQMS) that can help you with speed or your certification needs, Data visualization/analytics solutions that can help you make informed decisions in your business, help you steer in the dynamic world of supply chain and its uncertainties or deal with enterprise-wide digital transformation through world-class ERP solutions combined with cybersecurity, our seasoned and proven partners can help provide solutions for lasting changes, agility and overall organizational transformation.

  • Enhanced Compliance: Our meticulous approach ensures your organization remains compliant with industry regulations and standards, reducing the risk of non-compliance.
  • Certification Success: We prepare your organization for regulatory audits and inspections, significantly improving your chances of successful certifications.

  • Project Efficiency: Our Project/Program Management services ensure that complex global projects are executed efficiently, with a focus on timelines, budgets, and quality.

  • Risk Mitigation: We identify and mitigate risks associated with compliance, project management, and manufacturing processes, safeguarding your organization’s interests.

  • Increased Competitiveness: By aligning your organization with industry best practices, you gain a competitive edge and remain adaptable in dynamic markets.

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QMS Support involves evaluating, enhancing, and aligning your organization’s quality management processes with industry standards and regulatory requirements.

The timeframe for improvements varies depending on your organization’s current state and the scope of the certification process. Generally, clients witness significant progress within months.

Our Support Solutions are versatile and can benefit organizations across various sectors, including healthcare, electronics, manufacturing, and more.

Absolutely. We tailor our services to meet the specific needs and resources of small businesses, ensuring affordability and effectiveness.

Yes, we offer ongoing guidance and support to ensure the sustainability of improvements and continued compliance.

Certainly. Our Engineering Solutions are tailored to meet the unique requirements of industries like medical and electronics, ensuring precise and efficient manufacturing.

Our comprehensive approach, industry expertise, and commitment to client success distinguish us as a trusted partner in achieving compliance and excellence.

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